Orchestrating A Last-Minute Move

Moving can take months of planning, so when you find out you have to move with a week's notice or less, it's normal to feel completely overwhelmed. Here are five tips to help you pull off a last-minute move without pulling your hair out.

Offer friends and acquaintances money to help you move.

Call around to local movers to see if anyone can fit you in last-minute. Since most moving companies schedule themselves at least a few weeks in advance, you may have trouble finding someone who is available. If this happens, it's time to turn to family and friends. If they're willing to help you for pizza or maybe a few beers, then that's great. But consider offering some college or high school-age relatives or friends a little cash to help you move. They'll be more willing to oblige on short notice if they're compensated, and students are often looking for extra cash.

Don't bother sorting before packing.

Ideally, you would sort through your things and get rid of extras so you'd have less to move. But when you're moving last minute, you can't afford to spend the time going through items. Just pack everything. When you're in your new place, then you can take time to go through things and throw away or donate extras as you unpack.  When you're packing, don't worry about putting shirts on one box, linens in another, etc. Just get it all into boxes – there will be time to sort later on.

Make a plan.

If you're not sure how you're going to get through the move, your head is going to keep spinning and you're not going to be able to concentrate well enough to get the job done. So sit down and create a plan. Write down the name of each day until the move, and list the tasks you'll complete on that day. When you come across big tasks, call friends and ask if they can help you with them. Tell them what day and time you'll need them. Write their names down next to the tasks. Having everything scheduled and your help already lined up will give you peace of mind and make it easier for you to stay focused.

Moving at the last minute is challenging, but with the tips above, you can do it! Start now, and try to get as much done as early as possible so that you're not completely overwhelmed when moving day comes.