Four Reasons Why You Need A Relocation Service When Moving From The USA To The UAE

As the United Arab Emirates continues to grow and attract international business, many citizens of the United States find themselves moving to cities such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi in pursuit of new opportunities. But while many parts of the UAE are as modern and accommodating as much of the United States, moving your household to the other side of the world will always present some logistical nightmares. These are the four primary advantages of enlisting the help of an international relocation company for your move from the United States to the UAE. 

Handling Packing and Shipping

The most basic service any relocation company will offer is overseeing the transportation of your belongings safely to the UAE. This is typically done by cargo ship, especially if you are moving vehicles or bulky furniture. By entrusting your property to moving professionals, you can avoid the headache of dealing with a cargo company and ensuring that your property arrives where it needs to go on time, allowing you to focus on more important concerns. 

Navigating Customs Requirements

Even once your property is on a ship headed to the UAE, there is still no guarantee that it will actually make it through customs. The UAE restricts or prohibits a number of items that United States citizens may find surprising, and everything that goes through will need to be carefully documented and inspected. An international relocation company is familiar with these requirements and should be able to jump through any number of hoops to get your belongings to their destination. 

Providing Advice for Cultural Transitions

Of course, any time you enter a new country, there is going to be some culture shock to overcome. This is just as true for the UAE, which often operates under very different norms than in the United States. In order to enter the professional and social world of this Middle Eastern nation, you will need to become familiar with the customs and expectations of the locals. Thankfully, the UAE draws people of all nations, so foreigners are usually treated with respect and understanding. With the help of your relocation company, you will learn how to avoid causing offence and how to make a good first impression with your new neighbors and business partners. 

Connecting You to a Larger Community

Dubai in particular is home to a large community of expats and American professionals, and you will likely wish to connect with this community when it comes to finding housing and a common culture. If you are interested in staying near your fellow Americans, talk to your relocation company about typical neighborhoods and communities to explore. You may find that you make a few friends among your neighbors before you even have a chance to settle into your new home. 

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