Moving With Pets? Tips For How To Make Moving With Them Easier

While some pets will handle a move to a new home quite well, others will not. If you're taking a pet with you to a new home, these tips will help the move go much easier for everyone.


If your dog is able to stay near you and put their head outside the car window during a long drive, they will usually be pretty good about moving. The biggest problem will be that you need to make frequent stops to allow your dog to go to the bathroom. If you have children with you, try to arrange the pit stops so that everyone can use the bathroom at the same time.

For moves that happen during the summer, keep in mind that your dog need to stay hydrated. Every time you take a pit stop, you should offer them some water.

When your dog is the type of pet that doesn't like the car, it helps to have them travel in a crate. You can place it in the rear of the car, lay down a nice blanket for them to rest on, and the confined space will actually help them calm down. In addition, the blankets could help prevent them making a mess in the car if they accidentally go to the bathroom.


Cat's typically don't enjoy riding in a car. The movement will cause them to freak out, and they'll likely cry endlessly during the drive. The best thing you can do is prepare your cat for your move by taking them in the car prior to the actual move. Just take a few short trips in the car to get them used to what it is like to travel in it. They will eventually become used to the movement of riding in the car, and it will ease their anxiety as they learn it's not anything to fear. On your moving day, make sure your cat is in a crate and close to a family member.


Avoid putting your bird near a draft, so keep them away from an air conditioning vent or open window. If the move is during the winter, keep the cage covered , and plan on moving their cage immediately into a warm car once you're ready to hit the road. By keeping the blanket over the cage, the bird should sleep because they believe it's nighttime.

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