How To Prepare A Lamp For Moving And Storage

Properly packing your items for storage and/or a move can help ensure that the item comes out of the experience undamaged. However, with so many items in your home to prepare and pack, you may find yourself unsure as to how to properly prepare and pack various items. If you have lamps in your home, you will want to properly prepare these items, as both the base and lampshade can become damaged if improperly packed. Follow these directions to properly prepare a lamp for moving and storage.

Remove the Light Bulb

The first step to prepare your lamp for a move is to remove the light bulb. A light bulb can easily break or shatter during the move. These fragments can damage the lamp or any items stored in the same box as the lamp. As such, it is best to remove the bulb. If the bulb is still good, place it back into a light bulb box and transport it that way to your new home.

Dust the Lamp and Shade

Prior to packing the lamp and lampshade, you will want to remove any dirt, dust and debris from both items. Debris left on these items can cause stains to occur. To clean the base, dampen a soft cloth in room temperature water and wipe away dirt and dust. To remove dust from the lampshade, use a paintbrush to brush away residue or use tape to lift it away. If there are any spots or stains on the lampshade, dip a clean, soft cloth in soapy water to spot clean it. Allow it to dry thoroughly to prevent mildew from forming before packing it.

Wrap the Base in Bubble Wrap

After cleaning the base of your lamp, you will want to wrap the base in bubble wrap. This helps protect the base from getting scratched or damaged. Simply roll the base in a protective layer of bubble wrap, leaving the cord out. Once the base is wrapped, roll the cord up and secure it with a zip tie or rubber band. Do not place the electrical cord in with the base, as it can shift during transport, causing the prongs to damage the base. Place the base in a box or tote. Place other items around the base to prevent it from shifting. Fill in any gaps in the box or tote with blankets or towels.

Prepare the Lampshade

The last step is to prepare the lampshade. Take your lampshade and wrap the exterior it in a layer of packing paper. If you don't have any packing paper, use tissue paper that is about the same color as the shade. Do not use newspaper, as the ink can transfer to your lampshade. If you have multiple lampshades, nest the shades together. This means that you place a smaller one under a larger one. Once they are grouped together, place them so the openings are facing downward in a cardboard box. Do not place lampshades in a plastic tote or bag as air can't flow. This can cause the fabric or plastic on the shade to crack if stored for a prolonged period of time. Use packing peanuts or wadded up newspaper in the box to ensure the lampshades don't shift during transport.

Learning how to properly pack and prepare a lamp for moving and storage is the best way to ensure that it remains in the same condition it is currently in. It may take a bit of time to properly prepare it, but the payoff is a great looking lamp.

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