Storage Options For Costumes And Accessories To Assist With Keeping Them Protected And Organized

If you own a costume business and are going to rent a storage unit from a facility like King Arthur Self Storage to place inventory until your new commercial shop is ready to be moved into, the following tips will keep the stored items protected and will help you keep track of everything that is placed inside of the unit.

Rolling Racks With Dividers

Hang all of the costumes that are going to be stored in the unit on racks that have small wheels attached to the bottom of them. Arrange items so that they are in alphabetical order after they are hung up. Place dividers on the rack that have a letter of the alphabet displayed on each one. The dividers will make it easy for you to locate a particular costume if it is needed prior to moving into the costume shop.

It will also provide convenience when you are ready to unload items and place them in designated areas in the new shop. Racks with small wheels can be pushed across flooring and will prevent you from needing to carry large amounts of weight or make multiple trips when it is time to move the costumes to the new building.

Garment Bags And Clear Storage Bags

If some of the costumes are made out of delicate or expensive types of fabric, preserve the condition of each one by placing them inside of garment bags or clear storage bags that seal. With these type of bags, air will be eliminated with a vacuum machine that comes with your purchase. As a result, costumes will remain pressed and wrinkle-free. Moisture, which could cause damage to fabric, will not be able to penetrate the bag. Label each bag before placing them all inside of a storage container or hanging them on a rack.

Hanging Wall Mat With Pockets

Hang a wall mat in the unit that contains pockets to use for storing buttons, needles, patterns, and any other small items that are needed to make or repair costumes. A wall mat will not take up much room in your unit. Secure it to the wall with screws. If this is not an option, purchase a mat that has a hook attached to it that is connected to a piece that can be placed over the door. Many storage mats have clear pockets on them, which will make it simple for you to keep track of the items that are inside of each one.