Handy Tricks For Packing

If you are moving this summer, here are a few handy tricks that will make the moving process go a little smoother this time.

Protect Your Make-Up With Cotton

If you have makeup that you need to pack up, you need to make sure that you keep your make-up is safe. It can easily get crushed in the moving process. Protect your makeup by putting an extra cotton ball or pad inside of your powder cosmetic cases to protect the palette from breaking.

Cover Toiletry Openings With Saran Wrap

Next, chances are that you have open toiletries in your bathroom that you are using on a regular basis that you want to transport to your new home. However, it can be risky transporting open toiletries; there is always a chance that they could spill and create a mess. You can prevent that by putting saran wrap over the openings of all your toiletries and they putting the lid back on them. This will help seal your toiletries more effectively.

Pack Plates Vertically

When it comes to packing up the plates in your kitchen, don't stack them on top of one another. Instead, pack your plates vertically, like they are books on a shelf. Put paper and plastic in between each plate to protect it. When your plates are stacked like this, they stand less of a chance of getting broken in the move.

Cover Drawers With Press N' Seal

If you have drawers that you need to remove from your dresser, you don't need to remove the clothing from those drawer and add to your packing stress. Instead, take some press'n seal plastic cover wrap, and put it over your drawers so that the contents are secure you are able to move the drawers without unpacking all the content.

Sandwich Bags For Small Items

Keep lots of sandwich bags handy as you pack up your home. Anytime you take something apart, such as your kitchen table, take the hardware and put it inside of a plastic bag. Write what is inside of the plastic bag with a sharpie marker, and use clear tape to attach the plastic bag with the small hardware pieces to the larger item that they were a part of.

Books In Beer Boxes

If you have a lot of books to move, you may want to consider picking up some used beer boxes from your local liquor store. Beer boxes are usually made of wood and have sturdy handles on the side, making them easier to carry and handle when loaded down with heavy books. 

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