Winter Weather Moving: How To Make The Process Easier

If you predict a move during a cold winter season, there are some special precautions you need to consider. There are many issues that can arise from a cold weather move, some of which can cause physical injury if you are not being cautious. The following are some helpful tips for moving in the winter months:

Avoid Slip-And-Fall Issues

Many times, with cold winter weather also comes snow and sleet. This can cause a number of problems, namely the increased possibility of slip-and-fall accidents. Icy driveways and sidewalks and moving heavy boxes and furniture do not always mix if you are not being careful. Make sure that all walkways are clear of snow and ice before moving anything out of the house. Shovel snow and salt the walkways to prevent any accidents. Also, try to pay attention to the weather forecast to avoid moving on days with snowy or icy weather.

You may also want to protect your flooring by covering it with cardboard, plastic, or muslin drop cloths. Slippery surfaces, such as tile, hardwood, or linoleum, can become hazardous with everyone walking in and out of the house with wet or snowy shoes. Covering the flooring not only protects your moving crew from slipping, but it will also protect your brand new floors and carpeting from becoming a muddy mess.

Turn On The Electricity At The New Home

Another thing that will help reduce any problems for a winter move is having your electricity and gas utilities on at your new house before you begin moving. Some people choose to move over a few days, so they do not turn on the utilities until they plan to physically stay. This can lead to some major inconveniences, especially in the winter. It is ideal to have electricity so you can have light to see during these darker days of the year. It would also be beneficial for the heating system to be on while you are moving so you have a retreat from the cold weather outside. If you have any ceramic tile in the house, having the heat running will also help prevent condensation buildup on the floor, which will prevent slips and falls.

Moving during the coldest part of the year is not ideal, but sometimes there is no other choice. If you are facing a winter move, you may want to consider hiring professional movers. You will have the job done very quickly by professionals who know the proper precautions to take.