Need To Declutter Your Kitchen For Staging Your Home? 2 Tips For Putting Items Into Storage

Buying a starter home allows you to become a homeowner at a young age and start building equity. But, when you are ready to sell the property, you do not want to rush through the process. One of the best things that you can do is stage the home with professional help or on your own. This typically involves setting up the place to look appealing to potential buyers, so a minimalist and neutral look is good. One of the two rooms that will have the greatest impact on your ability to sell the home is the kitchen, so you will want to make sure this room is looking impressive in every regard. You will find it highly valuable to rent a storage unit to declutter the kitchen until you are able to sell the property.

Small Appliances

Although you may like to have three or four small appliances on the kitchen counters for easy access, you should stick to an absolute minimum throughout the entire duration that your home is listed. Two popular appliances that can stick around are a coffee maker and microwave because they are found in most homes, so people that are looking at the home will be able to envision their own in the kitchen.

If you cannot find room in your attic, basement, or garage for neat storage, a storage unit is an ideal alternative. Make sure to thoroughly clean every appliance to keep mold from forming or attracting pests such as rats and cockroaches that can smell the crumbs that may be stuck in small crevices. If you can, use the original box for each appliance and make sure they all fit in snugly by adding bubble wrap.

Fancy Glassware

While you may love your glassware or china collection, potential buyers may not have the same tastes. Putting highly stylized items on display in the kitchen may turn some people off to the room. So, it is a great idea to put away fancy glassware and keep your basic plates, bowls, and glasses in the cabinets.

The basics for storage are self-explanatory with fragile items, but an important tip to keep in mind is to exercise extreme caution for any piece that has been previously repaired as it will be more fragile than the rest. Also, consider getting a large enough storage unit to avoid having to stack boxes with glassware. An alternative is to buy or build freestanding shelving units for vertical stacking without the risk. Aside from the tools, all you need is plywood, deck screws, and some time on your hands to make your own.

Decluttering your kitchen is the easiest way to make it a huge selling point to potential buyers.