Three Tips For Storing Wood Furniture Long-Term

Wood furniture is beautiful and can add warmth and elegance to rooms. However, wood furniture requires extra care to keep it looking great, something it may not receive if you place it in long-term storage. Here's what you need to know about storing wood furniture to ensure it lasts long and stays looking great.

Clean and Prep

It's important to clean wood furniture before putting it in storage, especially kitchen tables and other pieces that were used for food prep or dining. There may be leftover food debris on them that may attract bugs to the storage unit, and the last thing you want is an infestation destroying your stuff. Use mild soap or detergent and as little water as possible to remove caked-on dirt and sticky spots, and immediately dry with a clean cloth.

Once the pieces are fully dry, wipe them down with a silicone-based furniture polish. One of the problems with storing wood is that it can dry out over time, especially if it's placed in an area with very little humidity. The furniture polish will help seal in the wood's existing moisture content and slow down the rate of water loss. Lastly, dismantle the furniture to make it easier to place the pieces in the unit.

Cover and Store Carefully

To further protect wood furniture from environmental elements such as light, cover the pieces with cloth, moving blankets, or furniture pads. Do not use plastic as this material tends to form condensation when temperature or humidity levels fluctuate in an area, and the excess moisture can damage the wood or cause it to expand and warp.

When placing the furniture inside the storage unit, avoid stacking heavy items on top of it. The pressure from those items can stress the wood and, if the furniture begins to dry out, may cause cracks or contribute to warping. Place the pieces on pallets or planks so the furniture is not sitting on the floor where it could get damaged if there's a flood.

Opt for Climate Control

Temperature and humidity fluctuations in the storage unit can cause wood to repeatedly expand and contract. This, in turn, increases the risk your furniture will develop stress damage over time. You may want to opt for a climate-controlled storage unit as these rooms can be programmed to remain at the same temperature and humidity level year round, which can extend the lifespan of your wood furniture and other belongings.

For more information about storing wood furniture long term, connect with a self-storage facility, such as AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage.