3 Things You Should Move Yourself

Moving is a massive job, which is why many people hire as much help as they can get. Hiring a moving company is a great idea and should be considered for every move. However, when you hire a moving company, they will offer to move your entire house, but there are some things that it might be safer to move on your own, or that the moving company won't even offer to move for you. Here are some things that are better moved by the owner.

1. Irreplaceable Belongings

Many moving companies offer insurance on everything that they move. This way, if the moving van is vandalized, the belongings are broken or damaged, or if something else happens to the belongings, they can be replaced or repaired. However, there are some things that cannot be replaced such as family heirlooms or priceless items. If you are worried about certain things being moved, it is better to move them on your own so that the moving company doesn't have to be held responsible for something they can't replace if an accident happens that is beyond their control.

2. Firearms and Weapons

If you have firearms or weapons in your possession, you may want to consider packing and transporting them on your own. The problem is that there are certain laws when it comes to transporting guns and firearms legally. This is why if you are the owner, you should be the one to transport the firearms so that you don't get the moving company in trouble. In addition, it may be safer for the owner to transport the guns since you cannot be sure that each individual movers know how to properly store and care for firearms and weapons.

3. Sensitive Documents

Your sensitive documents should be kept in your possession if at all possible. The concern is that you don't want your information available for others to see, and if the moving van is compromised, even though the moving may have insurance, the insurance may not protect you from identity theft is the van is vandalized. This is why you should have a separate box with all of you bank statements, birth certificates, social security cards, and so forth in a box that you transport on your own. This will keep the pressure off of the movers to keep this sensitive information safe.

These are just three things that should be moved by you, but everything else should be safe for the movers to move. 

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